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This site accepts Mastercard and Visa. This site accepts PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay.

How Does It Work?

HotSpotPA WiFi hotspot routers can be used with any Internet broadband connection. Connecting a HotSpotPA wireless router to any broadband Internet service allows customers within range of your hotspot router to sign up for and use your branded Internet service. HotSpotPA provides free web-based management tools to setup and brand your WiFi hotspots, to monitor your customers' online time, and to view credit card and PayPal payments. No additional software is required, HotSpotPA takes care of it all for you!


Brand and Advertise


Linksys WRT-54GL wireless router

Edible WiFi symbol carved from a 100 pound block of American cheese at the 30th International WiFi Festival held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


  • Connect your HotSpotPA WiFi hotspot router to any DSL modem, cable modem or existing router. A speed of at least 768K/128K is recommended.
  • Your customers connect to your WiFi hotspot router and enter their login and password on a sign-in page branded with your company's name and logo.
  • Your WiFi hotspot router verifies login, password and payment status before letting customers connect through to the Internet.
  • Customers without a login or account are sent to an e-commerce page, branded with your company's name and logo, where they can create a new login and purchase a hotspot account using PayPal or a credit card.
  • Build customer loyalty by using the HotSpotPA branding tools to customize your hotspot's web pages with your company's name, logo and contact information.
  • Advertise to your potential customers. Let them know that Internet WiFi hotspot service is available at your location.
  • Put a "WiFi Hotspot" sign in the window, hang a poster on the wall, advertise in your local paper.
  • Ask about free HotSpotPA posters for your wireless Internet WiFi hotspot location!
  • Each customer purchase generates a payout (profit) to you of 75%. For example, a $10 customer purchase nets a payout to you of $7.50, and a $20 purchase results in a payout to you of $15.00.
  • HotSpotPA retains 25% of each purchase to cover the cost of operating the authentication and billing servers.
  • A single HotSpotPA WiFi hotspot location with just 10 customers and an average price of $4 per day can generate $900 per month in payouts for you!