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Hotspot Quick Setup Guide

Thanks for choosing HotSpotPA for your Internet WiFi hotspot! The following information is intended for operators of HotSpotPA WiFi hotspot equipment.

If you are a hotspot customer, please contact your local hotspot operator for assistance with setting up your computer or WiFi device.

(Click here for a video version of these instructions.)  
Using the browser of your choice, navigate to, click the login link in the upper right hand corner. You do not need to be directly connected to the hotspot to login.  
The initial page displayed after login is "Operator Settings":
  • Verify that your company information is correct, portions of it are visible on customer pages.
  • Verify the Visitors Mode setting. Default is OPEN. If CLOSED is selected, your customers will not be allowed to use other operator’s hotspots.
  • Verify your time zone. This affects displayed times in many of the reports available to both you and your customers.
  • Verify the Demonstration Mode setting. If ON, no charges are made to credit cards or PayPal accounts.
  • Important: Create a new test account in order to login wirelessly to check the appearance of your hotspot login page. Your branding on the hotspot login page CANNOT be viewed using your primary operator account, you must use a new test account.
  • You can also use to view your customizations and company branding.
Operator Settings Screen
Click "Account Types" in the left-side nav panel to view a list of your account types:
  • An Account Type is a template that is used to generate a customer's account.
  • An Account Type specifies the price your hotspot will charge customers and how long the customer can use your hotspot before having to renew their account.
  • An Account Type can only be deleted if no customers are using it.
  • Create several different Account Types for your customers to select from.
Account Types Screen
Click "Create New Account Type" in the left-side nav panel to create a new account type:
  • Repeat until you have several different Account Types for your customers to select from.
Account Type Configuration Screen
Click "Customers" in the left-side nav panel to view a list of your customers:
  • Click "Edit" next to a customer to view or change their settings.
  • Click "Logins" next to a customer to view their login/out history.
  • Check the "Passwords" box to view their passwords.

Click "New Customer" in the left-side nav panel to create a new customer:
  • When creating a new customer your login id will change to the customer's id when entering the payment pages. Logout then login to become yourself again.
  • New Customers can create their own login, you don't need to do it for them.
Customer Summary Screen
Click "HotSpots" in the left-side nav panel to view your WRT54GL routers:
  • Click "Update Addresses" once to update the IP addresses for your hotspots. This also updates the VPN addresses, which vary from time to time, although this is not displayed on the web interface.
  • Click "Refresh" next to a hotspot to update the hotspot's statistics.
  • Click "Console" to proxy to the Administration Console web interface running on the WRT54GL router. This can be used to change parameters held in the router such as the wireless SSID or the router’s device ID.
  • If you have changed the WRT54GL's password you must enter the new password into the box beneath the left-side nav bar in order to permit the "Refresh" button to collect statistics or to use the "Console" link.
Hotspot Summary Screen

Hotspot Device Details Screen
Click "Payments" in the left-side nav panel to view customer payments:
  • Status Accepted = Payment accepted and credited to customer's account.
  • Status Cleared = Customer payment cleared the HotSpotPA bank.
  • Status Paid = Payout made to operator (you).
  • Status Disputed = Payment is disputed by customer.
  • Status Courtesy = Courtesy or Free account.
Payment History Screen
Click "Revenue" in the left-side nav panel to view payouts made to the operator (you).  
The links at the top of every page ("Home", "News", "About", and "Contact") can be changed using the "Operator Settings" page to point to your own web site.

The color scheme of the web pages can be changed using the "Operator Settings" page. Be careful when selecting your color scheme, for example a red background may obscure certain error messages. You will need to log out then log in again for the changes to be visible.

The HotSpotPA logo can be changed to your own logo using the "Operator Settings" page. Your logo should be a gif or jpg image 240 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall. Provide a copy of your logo to HotSpotPA so that it can be installed onto HotSpotPA’s SSL servers.
Operator Settings Screen
Allow your customers to sign up for your hotspot services from home. Add a link from other web sites to your branded hotspot login page.

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