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Ubiquiti Networks Hotspot Router Tips

Thanks for choosing HotSpotPA for your Internet WiFi hotspot! The following information is intended for operators of HotSpotPA WiFi hotspot equipment.

If you are a hotspot customer, please contact your local hotspot operator for assistance with setting up your computer or WiFi device.

HotSpotPA operates with a variety of Ubiquiti Networks routers including the Bullet2, Bullet2HP, NanoStation2, NS2 Loco, PicoStation2 and PicoStation2HP.

The standard Ubiquiti firmware in the router is replaced with a modified version of OpenWRT firmware. See HotSpotPA's Ubiquiti firmware installation page for more information.

Customer login, password and payment information is not stored in the router.

Each router must have a unique VPN keypair installed. If you use the same keypair on two or more routers, none of the routers will be able to communicate with the HotSpotPA servers to process logins and payments. The unique VPN keypairs are already installed if you purchased your Ubiquiti routers pre-configured from HotSpotPA. If you plan to install your own firmware, please contact HotSpotPA to obtain a VPN keypair for each of your routers.

The router's management IP address is To access the router’s web-based Administration Console, set your computer's IP address to be with a netmask of, then connect your computer's Ethernet port to the router via the router's PoE adapter. Enter into your browser’s address bar.

The default Administration Console ID and password are root and hotspotpa.

The Administration Console can only be logged into via the router's Ethernet port or via proxy from your Operator's account on the HotSpotPA web site. When using the Ethernet port the attached computer must have an IP address of in order to access the Administration Console. Access to the Administration Console from any IP address other than is blocked, and access to the Administration Console from the router's wireless interface is blocked.

Firmware updates should only be attempted via a computer connected directly to the router's Ethernet port. DO NOT attempt to update firmware using HotSpotPA's VPN proxy via the "Console" link on the "HotSpots" page as this may turn your router into a brick.

About 30 seconds after the router has first powered on, it's red and yellow LEDs will illuminate. After another 30 seconds the router has completed it's boot up process, indicated by the yellow LED turning off. When the router has successfully contacted a HotSpotPA authentication server the red LED will turn off. The hotspot is now ready for use.

Typically it will take about 2 minutes from power-on until the router's red LED goes out. If the red LED is lit, the router will not function correctly. The red LED indicates that the router cannot access the Internet or cannot find a HotSpotPA authentication server, for example because it is not acquiring a DHCP address from the router or modem it is plugged into, or because a static WAN IP address has been incorrectly set.

When properly configured, Ubiquiti Networks routers with HotSpotPA firmware may be interconnected wirelessly using WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to provide extremely large hotspot coverage areas using a single connection to the Internet.

Wireless Distribution System (WDS)